Cody and Coco


Say hello to Cody and Coco, your buddies throughout the Cordis Kids journey.

The Endangered Red Panda

Red panda is an endangered species, with less than 10,000 existing in the wild. Due to global warming and excessive forest logging, red pandas are finding it difficult to find habitats, leading to a significant decrease in numbers.

Cody and Coco

Red pandas Cody and Coco are the mascots for the Cordis Kids programme to raise awareness about environmental protection for our young guests.

Our Conservation Effort

To support conservation of red pandas, Cordis, Hong Kong has partnered with Ocean Park Conservation Fund, Hong Kong (OPCFHK), a registered charitable trust that commits to advocating, facilitating and participating in effective conservation of Asian wildlife and their habitats.

Bring Cody and Coco home

Plush toys of Cody and Coco in various sizes are available for sale. All proceeds will go to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation.

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