Our Green Pledge

We actively participate in leading third party certification, i.e. ISO 14001 and EarthCheck, to benchmark our effort put into our environment. We have been certified by ISO 14001 since 2008 and achieved EarthCheck Gold Certificaton since 2014 and Platinum Certification since 2019.

Best Practices

  • "Guests of the Earth" Programme offers a bed linen and towel reuse option for guests
  • CONNECT Conference offers sustainable meeting solution for event planners

Public Area

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Movement detectors for lighting
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Heat recovery and cogeneration equipment
  • Energy efficient vehicles
  • Low/dual flush toilets
  • Low flow tap/shower fittings
  • Auto-detect/Waterless urinals
  • Recycle paper/metal/plastics/ glass/cooking oil
  • Food donation
  • Used items donation

 Guest Room

  • Guest of the Earth programme (reuse linen and towel)
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Low/dual flush toilets
  • Low flow tap/shower fittings
  • Recycling services
  • Recycled/Ecolabelled paper stationery
  • Fair-trade welcome amenities and mini-bar items
  • Earth Water to support the Clean Water Program

Dining and banquet

  • Alternative to Plastic Bottled Water
  • Recycled/Ecolabelled paper stationery
  • Sustainable beverage options
  • Sustainable seafood, free-range meat and organic vegetables in Alibi –Wine Dine Be Social
  • Compostable drinking straws


  • FSC certified paper for marketing materials
  • Biodiesel for hotel trucks
  • Earthing Garden
  • Staff community work such as beach cleaning, elderly home cleaning, soap recycling and lunch box preparation for needy
  • Electric vehicles for hotel limousine service

Our Results

We partner with EarthCheck which offers us a credible independent auditing and monitoring service on our environmental and sustainability performance every year.

Please click here to view our EarthCheck certificate and benchmarking results.

Please click here to view our ISO14001:2015 certificate.