Learning and Development


This is our commitment to provide our colleagues appropriate learning and development opportunities that assisting them to be successful in their career journey at
Langham Hospitality Group. 


During the first 60 days of our new Langham family members, they will go through a systematic training programme which helps them to understand the culture of the company, to acquire knowledge about the product, service process and standards; and to equip with customer services skills through the PASSION training course. 

The leaders will receive Langham Leadership training to enable them to perform Langham’s leadership model and understand the tools and quality system of Langham Hospitality group.   


PRIDE, Performance Result Indicator and Development Engine, is the performance management system of Langham Hospitality Group.  This is a system to retain and to develop our internal talents.  

Langham’s commitment is to foster an engaging and respectful work environment for our colleagues to achieve their career aspirations.   PRIDE focuses on planning and managing the career paths of our colleagues at different levels.  Performance assessment is based on the achievements and competency attainments in the year and will be supported with a specific training and development plan to elevate their current performance to next level.