CONNECT Conferences

Creating Sustainable Conferences

Protecting the future is something we take to heart. With CONNECT Conferences, you can select sustainable meeting solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of your event. CONNECT Conferences offers a range of sustainable initiatives categorised by accommodation, cuisine, and service. The programme is non-restrictive, so you can choose initiatives that are relevant to you.

Choose from a range of flexible options, such as serving filtered water instead of bottled, to creating banquet menus, which use locally grown organic ingredients. All these options can be tailored to your budget and preferences.

What's more, our online Event Carbon Footprint Calculator - with carbon offsetting options - allows you to measure and correct the real environmental cost of your event. Click here to explore how you can offset your event with our sustainable options.

We hold the internationally accredited EarthCheck certification across the majority of our properties, making us one of the more sustainable international hospitality companies. This prestigious award motivates us to continue our work in environmental sustainability. Click here to find out more about EarthCheck certified hotels.

To find out more on CONNECT Conferences, please click here or download our CONNECT Conferences brochure.