Our Partnerships

By integrating environmental and social considerations into our strategic development and day-to-day operations, we are committed to minimise the environmental impact to the Earth and build strong community engagement. To serve the local community, we have been cooperating with local NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation) to show our support to the community.

Partner with Food Angel

Food Angel aims at rescuing edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry, and transforming the rescued food items to nutritious hot meals for serving the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong. To minimize food waste in Hong Kong, we donate trimmed vegetables from our Chinese Kitchen to Food Angel's central kitchen on a daily basis. In addition, our colleagues also occasionally help out with food preparation at Food Angel's central kitchen.

Partner with HOPE worldwide Hong Kong

To give children inspiration on career in hospitality industry, we partnered with HOPE worldwide Hong Kong to design summer event for children from low-income families. Through interactive activities, children learnt and experienced the life of a hotelier for development of their potential.

Partner with St. James Settlement Upcycling Center

In support of the company’s earth campaign, Loving Earth Month, Cordis, Hong Kong has turned THE SHOP into a pop-up store selling upcycled products made by members of St. James’ Settlement’s Sheltered Workshop in 2014. In 2017 Christmas, we collaborated with them once again, upcycling wine corks into Christmas tree decorations.

Colleagues Volunteering

We develop colleague volunteering activity plan according to available resources and partnerships with community organisations. Through meaningful and innovative activities organised with community partners, our colleagues gain opportunities to contribute to the local community.