Special Offers

A Taste of Something Special

We're always looking for ways to make gatherings a bit more fun — and a lot more unique. Through little surprises, like themed culinary breaks, we offer a variety of ways to spice up your social gathering.

Elevated Culinary Concepts

Delight your guests with this collection of sophisticated canapés and refreshers.


Experience a taste of the outdoors in our gorgeous event spaces. Sit on picnic blankets and tablecloths and enjoy baskets of goodies including homemade breads, deli-style finger foods, quiches, salads, and homemade jams and pies, together with fresh juices and iced teas.

The Secret Sweet Garden

Love is in the air. Romance your guests with edible flowers, honey crunch cakes, delicate macrons, éclairs, truffles, and chocolate fountains. Add some charming flowerpots, mossy pebbles, and white picket fences decorated with butterflies and birdcages—and you’re guaranteed to enchant.


Elevate your event with this holistic selection. A collaboration between Michelin-starred Ming Court and Chuan Spa, enjoy healthy delicacies made with premium Chinese herbs and ingredients that stay true to Chuan Spa's "Wu Xing." Includes element teas, ginger pudding, lotus seed soup, and green bean rice dumplings.

Vintage Hong Kong

Experience Hong Kong heritage through a series of old-time favourites. Taste a variety of traditional Chinese dim sum, including barbeque pork buns, shrimp dumplings and mini egg tarts along with some calming herbal teas. All accompanied by vintage vinyls, prints, abacuses, and Chinese treasure boxes.

I Love Mongkok

Fall in love with Mongkok for its delicious dynamism. Journey through Fa Yuen Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street with kaya toast, curried fish balls, pineapple buns, and Hong Kong lai cha milk tea.

Edible Art

Enjoy some visual and edible masterpieces. Immerse yourself in a world of contemporary art and gastronomic delights with poppadum cones, salmon and goat's cheese éclairs, cake pops, and chocolate paves.

Green Chic

Protecting the future is one of our core pillars. Enjoy a savoury, eco-friendly coffee break with Vietnamese rice paper rolls, and mini mac and cheese with Serrano ham and chicken. Or indulge your sweet side with low-fat yoghurt and granola with organic berry compote, chocolate dipped bananas with pistachio, and fresh fruit juice stations.