Devoted to...

Devotion is Everything

You and your well-being are at the heart of Cordis. Helping you enjoy your stay — the way you choose to — is our main mission. Welcome to a hotel that's dedicated to you.

Business Well-Being

A good day's work is helped by a well-rested and energised team. So, at Cordis, you'll always find comfy rooms, hearty meals, private work spaces, and all the support you need to thrive. When business people are happy and healthy, the possibilities for
great things are endless.

Physical Well-Being

Travel can be exhausting. That's why you'll always find excellent gym facilities and relaxing spas at our hotels. Spaces designed for mental and physical healing. Spaces designed to help you re-energise and recover quickly, so you can get back to doing everything you love.

Family Well-Being

Cordis warmly welcomes families at all our hotels and resorts. Our family rooms are specially designed for lots of smiles and you'll always find wonderful things for kids (and families) to do. We know that life is better shared, so we’ve created more ways for you to spend time together.

Ethical Well-Being

Protecting the future is something we take to heart. From using sustainable, renewable materials and creating cuisine with organic food, to supporting local businesses — we are dedicated to the well-being of our environment and the community around us.

Good Times

All work and no play is no fun at all. At Cordis, we're devoted to good times as much as we are to working and workouts. Laugh away the day's stresses with colleagues at our easy-going bars. Chill with friends and family at interactive, market-style restaurants. Good times — let them roll.

Local Experiences

Each city pulses to its own local beat and we're excited to share that with you. Discover communities and immerse yourself in local learning experiences, with the help of our knowledgeable guides. Say hi to the vibrant life around you.

Special Events

Big or small, it's important to celebrate the milestones and successes in your life. From weddings and anniversaries, to graduations and promotions, we aim to make all your most important days unforgettable.

Healthy Dining

At Cordis, our chefs take care to prepare nutritious meals that don't compromise on flavour. We scout out the freshest ingredients, often organic, to ensure your dishes are as wholesome as can be. We do this because we know a healthy you is a happy you.