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At Cordis, we're devoted to your well-being. Whether that means winding down or dialling it up, hitting the scene or hiding away — we're dedicated to helping you find equilibrium.

Cordis is more than just a space to stay, it's a place to belong.

Devoted to...

Corporate go-getters, fun-loving families, fearless adventurers, and couples on a getaway. For every traveller, our hotels and resorts are tailored to the way you live, work, and play.

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  • The hallmarks of a one-of-a-kind Cordis experience. Our signature touches are carefully curated to make your transition from home to hotel more seamless and comfortable.

  • Protecting the future is something we take to heart. From renewable materials to supporting local businesses, we’re dedicated to preserving the well-being of our communities and our planet.

  • We appreciate your loyalty — so much so that we've put together a suite of programmes to say "thanks." Enjoy exclusive perks, airline miles and more rewards, for being at the heart of Cordis.

  • These principles make us who we are. They guide and inspire everything we do on a daily basis, and motivate us to continue delivering the best experiences for our guests.